History of Flight Simulator
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Base History

Sublogic was established in October 1977 by Bruce Artwick. In April 1978, Bruce’s partner, Stu Moment incorporated Sublogic.

Early works included 3D to 2D graphic transformations for the emerging microcomputer base. In 1979 and 1980 Sublogic released Flight Simulator 1 for the Radio Shack TRS-80 and Apple home computers. Sublogic then developed Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Sublogic was reestablished in 1998. Our basic simulation structure usable in medical, flight or machinery "part-task" simulation was reconstructed for the Windows environment. Equations of physical force and movement were redone to provide universal application of these technologies.

The Sublogic simulation structure is currently in its third transition and is not currently available for use in "part-task" simulations. Our pre-project consulting is still available and can help ohters plan projects for efficient development.


Specific Additions to subLogic's History

(Much more to come.)


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