History of Flight Simulator
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Flight Simulator Story
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The Flight Simulator Story, Part 1: The Beginning of subLogic
by Bruce Artwick and Stu Moment


3D Computer Graphics ... you don’t need glasses! (1977 SubLogic Inaugural Article)
by Bruce A. Artwick
CONTAINS: light Simulator's [genetic father] and the first use - establishment, of the "subLogic" name. Bruce shows the basic concepts of 3-D transformation as well as the math behind it. The article ends with a program, written in "Basic" which you can enter into your computer to witness the transformations.


Inventing the SubLogic Name
by Bruce Artwick and Stu Moment
CONTAINS: Circumstances by which the term and name subLogic originated. Imagine Bruce as a college student employed to help create hardware interfaces of the mid-1970's. Many new terms and names were created to describe devices and processes in the rapidly expanding computer technologies. But what was a "sublogic?"


Bruce Artwick: Cleared For Runway 8088
by David Hunter
CONTAINS: Background on the development of the first version of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Reality of early microcomputer software development as well as hardware requirements. Do you remember how many frames per second Flight Simulator was animated on your computer?

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